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As a global leader in air conditioning solutions, Daikin has been heating and cooling Australian homes for over 50 years. The company provides a comprehensive range of air conditioners, encompassing smart technologies, inventive designs and innovative solutions. Whether you need climate control for a single room in your home or a large commercial space, Daikin can provide a high-quality, reliable and powerful solution.

At Eastern Air Conditioning, we’re a Daikin Specialist Dealer, which makes us perfectly suited to help you find the best system for your needs. Not only do we offer a huge range of solutions, but we’ve got over a decade of experience in installing and maintaining Daikin climate control products. With an extensive choice, our expert knowledge and service, and specialist support, you can be certain of optimum performance and, most importantly, comfortable, clean and healthy air all year round.

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The Daikin Air Conditioning Range

Daikin air conditioners are Australian-made, which means they are built to meet the challenges of hot climates. By choosing a Daikin unit, you’re investing in the forefront of the air conditioning industry in build quality and energy efficiency. Not only that but you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint. As the market leader in performance, quality and reliability, the Daikin range offers:

Incredibly Variety

it’s great to have options and, as every customer is unique, that’s certainly true when it comes to air conditioners. With Daikin, you’re certain to find a system that is perfectly sized for the space in question while also being powerful and energy-efficient.

Energy Efficiency

the better an air conditioner works, the less energy it needs to do the job, which means you can reduce your environmental impact and your running costs. Daikin uses proven techniques, such as the power of heat pumps and inverters, as well as new technologies to deliver sustainable energy.

Unrivalled Support

Daikin is a company that understands the importance of its customers, which is why it offers a high level of support. As a Daikin Specialist Dealer, all our customers have access to ongoing service and quality through Daikin’s national after-sales support centres.

As Daikin Specialists, we have access to a huge range of Daikin climate control solutions and are experienced in assessing, planning and installing solutions to meet the unique needs of your home or business. With Daikin’s high-quality products and our ongoing support and services, we will ensure the long-term durability of your system, ongoing efficiency and the best possible return on your investment.

Daikin Split Wall Systems

Split wall systems are ideal for delivering climate control to a single room or specific area. They have a standard compressor, condenser and evaporator and connect one indoor unit to an outdoor unit. While a simple yet sophisticated solution, Daikin’s split systems are also loaded with incredible features such as Intelligent Eye technology, smart home integration and Whisper Quiet Mode. The result is the perfect blend of comfort and energy efficiency. The wide variety of split wall systems include:

  • US7 – super efficiency rates and humidifying and dehumidifying features.
  • Zena – stylishly designed with technology that integrates into modern homes.
  • Alira – seamlessly blends with modern decors and delivers quiet comfort.
  • Cora – improved efficiency and reliability along with Whisper Quiet operation.
  • Lite – cutting edge technologies, compact design and quieter than ever.
  • Nexura – state of the art heating technology yet quiet and discrete.
  • Floor Standing – compact installation footprint, ideal for convenience of placement.

Daikin Multi Split Systems

Where split systems can only heat and cool individual rooms, multi-split systems can cater for multiple spaces. However, they still only have one outdoor unit, keeping costs as low as possible. With Daikin’s units, one outdoor unit can provide climate-controlled air to many indoor units using variable refrigerant flow. What’s more, each unit can be individually controlled and programmed to a set temperature.

Daikin VRV System

At Eastern Air Conditioning, we specialise in Daikin VRV systems, the ultimate multi-room air conditioning solution. With a wide selection of indoor units and designs to suit a variety of room sizes, Daikin VRV systems can cater for medium to large size homes, large hotels, medica suites and multi-level buildings housing a large number of occupants.

Daikin VRV systems offer some incredible features:

  • Energy-Saving Operation – precise individual control and inverter technology allows you to reduce energy consumption and benefit from optimum energy savings.
  • Adaptable Design – the wide selection of indoor units and modular outdoor units allow us to design solutions that are perfectly suited to any environment.
  • Individual Control – VRV systems enable you to control each zone individually and benefit from optimum comfort throughout.
  • Flexible Layout – you can connect up to 64 indoor units to a single system and there are large allowances for piping length and level difference.
  • Compact Style – with ranges such as the VRV IV S-series, units are slimmer and than ever, helping to overcome challenges of aesthetics and regulations.

Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning

Daikin’s ducted air conditioning range is engineered to deliver remarkable energy performance, design and flexibility. Ducted air conditioning works via a network of sealed flexible tubes that are discreetly hidden in the ceiling along with an internal unit. Clean filtered air can then be piped to any room, meaning that wherever you are in your property, you’ll be able to benefit. Ducted air conditioning is the most discrete option available from the Daikin range, as only the controller and the discharge grilles are visible inside the property.

Daikin Air Conditioning Services

Whether you come to us for help cooling your home or you’re looking for Daikin commercial air conditioners, we can offer a full range of services to help you do just that:
  • Daikin air con installation – as a specialist dealer, we have a huge amount of experience in designing and installing Daikin air conditioning solutions. Our fully licensed and experienced technicians will ensure your chosen system is installed to a high quality, looks aesthetically pleasing and runs as efficiently as possible.
  • Daikin air con maintenance – while Daikin air conditioners are built to last, regular maintenance will ensure that they continue to operate efficiently and that you are getting the best value for your money.
  • Daikin air con repairs – our team of highly-skilled technicians are able to quickly diagnose any Daikin air con problem and ensure that your system is back up and running efficiently in no time.

Why Choose Eastern Air Conditioning?

If you’re considering air conditioning for your residential or commercial property, Daikin air conditioing is an excellent choice. Not only is the company one of the longest-standing air conditioning brands, but they’ve worked tirelessly to perfect their craft and are dedicated to improving all aspects of indoor air quality.

At Eastern Air Conditioning, we’ve been designing, installing and maintaining Daikin air conditioning systems for over a decade. We understand the intricacies of their systems and are experts at helping our customers get the very best from them. That’s why we were handpicked and accredited as a Daikin Specialist Dealer. By choosing Eastern Air Conditioning, not only are you getting the best service, you’ll have access to ongoing support directly from Daikin.


Because we work regularly with all the major air conditioning brands, we have great access to all types of systems from companies you can rely on, access to live technical support on site and can offer you competitive pricing on your system. Here are some of the major brands we work with, but rest assured we’ll be able to help you out no matter what brand you already have or are looking at.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Mitsubishi Electric
Actron Air


Some feedback from our valued customers

“It is rare to get such perfect customer service in today’s day and age, but I was unbelievable impressed with Eastern Air Conditioning! I contacted them on Friday afternoon for a small domestic job and the staff went out of their way to ensure it was completed before I left for work at 8am on the following Monday. Could not fault the service, quality of work, punctuality and price. I would definitely use them again whenever needed!”

Casey – Cronulla, Sydney

“I have employed the services of Eastern Air Conditioning at our pub since 2018 as our original providers were not meeting our needs. Eastern Air Conditioning have met and gone beyond our expectations, with a great maintenance program, the ability to solve any problem and they will come out at a moment’s notice. Even with the 40+ degree heat waves, they were able to meet our needs. I highly recommend Eastern Air Conditioning above all the many providers I have dealt with over the past 16 years running pubs.”

John – Gregory Hills Hotel, Sydney

“Excellent customer service. Andrew and his team have completed works at our commercial job sites, including the Kings Park Tavern and City Tattersalls Club, Sydney. He is polite, punctual and a great person in general to deal with. I can highly recommend the company based on our first experiences working with them and will be dealing with Andrew and the team in the near future!” 

Brent – Clockwork Constructions, Sydney

“Eastern Air Conditioning installed our ducted system as part of our second floor renovation. They were professional, efficient and worked seamlessly with our builders. The end product has made our house comfortable in all seasons. Whatever your air conditioning needs, I would highly recommend Eastern Air Conditioning.”

Jenny – Bangor, Sydney


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