Multi Split Air Conditioning Systems

Multi split air conditioning systems offer a versatile solution for delivering comfort to both residential and commercial properties. The systems work by connecting one outdoor unit to several indoor units to deliver conditioned air to several rooms. By being able to control several indoor units with one outdoor unit, you are able to build the optimum system for your needs, matching the layout and design of your building.

At Eastern Air Conditioning, we are passionate about designing and installing multi-split system air conditioning Sydney in homes and workplaces alike. We work with leading brands in multi split systems to deliver the best quality but also a huge range of choice when it comes to multiple indoor units. As a cost-efficient way to deliver year-round climate control to several rooms and large spaces, multi-split air conditioning is a popular choice.

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What is a Multi Split Air Conditioning System

A multi split air conditioning system is a type of split air conditioner. However, instead of only being able to cool one room at a time, a multi split can provide conditioned air to several rooms. To achieve this, multi-split air conditioning comprises one external unit and several indoor units. The indoor units can be wall-mounted, floor standing or ceiling mounted and are connected by refrigerant pipelines, condensate drain lines and power cables to the single outdoor unit. The outdoor unit comprises a compressor and condenser coil and is housed in a robust cabinet. The compressor supplies the right amount of refrigerant to each coil to deliver the maximum cooling rate for each indoor unit. The refrigerant flow then automatically reduces as the set temperature in each room is achieved and then sustains this level. Each indoor outlet can be individually controlled, but they are all connected to just one powerful outdoor compressor unit.

What Are the Benefits of Multi Split Systems

Multi-split air conditioning systems offer many of the same benefits as standard split systems. They are energy and noise efficient, affordable to buy and install, and look aesthetically pleasing. However, with the ability for climate control in more than one room, multi-split air conditioners offer several additional advantages:


with a multi split system you can create a system that best matches your building’s layout and design without the need for a complex network of ductwork as for a ducted system. While there are a maximum number of units depending on the model in question, you are able to add extra indoor units based on your requirements. Meanwhile, you can select the right indoor system for each room, with high capacity units in larger rooms and quieter ones in others, mixing and matching the combination of hi-wall units throughout the different zones to create a bespoke system.


similarly to split systems, multi split air conditioning uses converter technology to allow the compressor to operate at variable speeds instead of constantly turning on and off, efficiently maintaining a constant, comfortable temperature. However, with multi split systems, each indoor unit is served individually, even though there is still only a single outdoor compressor. This saves energy and reduces power and running costs. Costs are also reduced when it comes to purchasing the system as there is no need to buy multiple outdoor units. What’s more, the solution is space-efficient if outdoor space is at a premium.


as with split systems, sensors can detect small changes in temperature and automatically make adjustments, ensuring the correct temperature is maintained. However, with zoned independent control, different comfort levels can be maintained in different rooms. Not only does this keep everyone comfortable, but it saves money. Wireless remote technology enables zone-by-zone temperature control at a touch of a button, making controlling the temperature throughout a building easier than ever

How to Choose Multi Split System Air Conditioning?

Multi split air conditioning is the perfect choice if you have more than one space that you need to heat or cool and would like to be able to independently control the temperature of each room. However, to get the right system, you need to understand the finer details. The most suitable system for your use will depend on several factors such as building function, internal volume, additional heat sources, the number of doors and windows and the number of anticipated occupants in any given room. With this information, you can then calculate the required cooling and heating capacity that you need.

In addition to getting the comfort level right, you’ll also want to consider how you will control the system you choose. Many multi split systems will have handy built-in features such as motion sensors, wifi and air purifiers or ionisers. You might want to create timed operating sequences that activate before you arrive or leave the property or to use wifi activated applications to control the system from your smartphone.

To help you choose the right air conditioning multi split system, we will visit your home or workplace to review the spaces and building layout. We can then work with you to design the best solution for your needs. We work with many leading brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Actron, Fujitsu and Temperzone, which means we can satisfy every requirement and create the optimum system. We will also be there during multi split air conditioning installation to ensure your selected unit is installed correctly and you’re entirely satisfied before acceptance.

It’s worth bearing in mind that outdoor units will need to be correctly maintained to cover the requirements of the indoor units and their simultaneous operation. When choosing a system, you’ll also want to think about how you will keep it up and running at all times. At Eastern Air Conditioning, we are committed to multi split systems replacement and repairs to ensure every system stays fully operationally for many years to come.

Why Choose Eastern Air Conditioning

At Eastern Air Conditioning, we are highly experienced in designing, installing and maintaining multi split air conditioning systems. We work in homes and office spaces, ensuring ideal comfort levels are reached in multiple spaces and that every system is optimised to be as cost-efficient as possible.

Multi-split systems are customised to your specific needs, which means there are no set prices. The only way to truly determine the cost is to get a quote from an experienced air conditioning technician. We are able to give you a full breakdown of unit prices, installation costs and multi split air conditioning service and repairs requirements. This means that you have the full picture before you commit to your new system. Until we’ve spoken to you to find out your unique requirements, we can’t guarantee the best system for you. However, what we can guarantee is that we will offer the best solution to deliver year-round comfort throughout your residential or commercial property.

If you have multi rooms within your home or workplace and you like the thought of having optimised, cost-efficient, zoned climate control, get in touch today to find out more about multi split systems.


Because we work regularly with all the major air conditioning brands, we have great access to all types of systems from companies you can rely on, access to live technical support on site and can offer you competitive pricing on your system. Here are some of the major brands we work with, but rest assured we’ll be able to help you out no matter what brand you already have or are looking at.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Mitsubishi Electric
Actron Air


Some feedback from our valued customers

“It is rare to get such perfect customer service in today’s day and age, but I was unbelievable impressed with Eastern Air Conditioning! I contacted them on Friday afternoon for a small domestic job and the staff went out of their way to ensure it was completed before I left for work at 8am on the following Monday. Could not fault the service, quality of work, punctuality and price. I would definitely use them again whenever needed!”

Casey – Cronulla, Sydney

“I have employed the services of Eastern Air Conditioning at our pub since 2018 as our original providers were not meeting our needs. Eastern Air Conditioning have met and gone beyond our expectations, with a great maintenance program, the ability to solve any problem and they will come out at a moment’s notice. Even with the 40+ degree heat waves, they were able to meet our needs. I highly recommend Eastern Air Conditioning above all the many providers I have dealt with over the past 16 years running pubs.”

John – Gregory Hills Hotel, Sydney

“Excellent customer service. Andrew and his team have completed works at our commercial job sites, including the Kings Park Tavern and City Tattersalls Club, Sydney. He is polite, punctual and a great person in general to deal with. I can highly recommend the company based on our first experiences working with them and will be dealing with Andrew and the team in the near future!” 

Brent – Clockwork Constructions, Sydney

“Eastern Air Conditioning installed our ducted system as part of our second floor renovation. They were professional, efficient and worked seamlessly with our builders. The end product has made our house comfortable in all seasons. Whatever your air conditioning needs, I would highly recommend Eastern Air Conditioning.”

Jenny – Bangor, Sydney


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